TV Shows With Gay Characters Mirror LGBTQ Struggles

One of the two biggest things I look for in a new show is: are there queer characters? The other is if it is a science fiction or fantasy show (I can’t get enough of Game of Thrones). I will and have watched shows that do not really have those two qualifiers, but I am more attracted to shows that do.

Getting To Know You Is A Little Trickier When You Are Gay Like Me

Hi all, it is my privilege to be stepping in for the lovely writers and creators of The Gay Agenda: Tori Tucker and Emma Simpson. Their decision to step back is the door opening for me to step in. Hopefully, this means I can cultivate a rapport with you. I hope to continue to capture the unique perspective of being queer, a student in New Hampshire, and share a bit of my life with you all.

Time to Trump Transgender Discrimination

Over the course of Trump’s presidency (now 6 months and counting) there have been numerous attacks against the LGBTQ community, but perhaps the most jarring was the most recent, which unfolded mainly on Twitter (what a great venue for official presidential business).

Getting Bi

THE GAY AGENDA: Some queer people perceive bisexual people as somehow not “queer enough,” while straight cisgender people perceive them as “too queer.”