The PUC Takes Us Back to 1922

Sometimes, in my exasperation, I have been known to complain that New Hampshire’s public utilities are mired in the year 1955.  But it turns out that maybe I should be grateful these companies are as evolved as they are.

N.H. Preservation Alliance Announces 11 Achievement Awards

Nine rescue, rehabilitation, and revitalization projects and two outstanding leaders of the preservation movement were honored in the N.H. Preservation Alliance’s annual awards on May 3. The 2022 slate includes the preservation of rare and iconic properties, stewardship of community assets and gathering places, and community development successes.   

Opposition Hopes To Prevent Logging Near Lake Tarleton

WARREN/PIERMONT — Opposition by more 1,300 people has delayed plans by the White Mountain National Forest to employ “silvicultural treatments” to some 945 acres of the 5,375 acres of land placed under its care in August 2000.