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InDepthNH’s Executive Editor Nancy West

InDepthNH’s Executive Editor Nancy West

Welcome to InDepthNH.org, the nonprofit watchdog news website published by the New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism. We are thrilled today to reach out to you, our readers, for the first time to say:  Please join us and please help us continue by sending us your tax-deductible donation. We believe that vigorous, in-depth news coverage focused on government and public servants is the bedrock of a thriving democracy.

We promise to hold government accountable, and we will offer free use of our stories to all New Hampshire media. Our ultimate goal is to foster civil debate and spur citizens to action in a way that will make government more responsive to its citizens. The New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism has its own 501c3 IRS designation.

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InDepthNH.org protects independent journalism that holds government accountable to the people. Our investigative reporting prompts civil discourse that spurs citizens to action to reclaim their government. We reveal wrongdoing, corruption and influence-peddling while giving voice to the disenfranchised. InDepthNH.org fulfills the press’ watchdog role as envisioned by the founders of our democracy.


NANCY WEST: Nancy West founded the nonprofit New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism in April. West is the executive editor of the center’s investigative news website InDepthNH.org. West has won many awards for investigative reporting during her 30 years at the New Hampshire Union Leader. She has taught investigative journalism at the New England Center for Investigative Reporting’s summer program for pre-college students at Boston University. West is passionate about government transparency.