Judge Orders Fired Trooper’s Discipline Records Unsealed

Haden Wilber was fired after he was found to have conducted illegal searches and lied about evidence during a 2017 traffic stop during an internal investigation. Wilber’s traffic stop of Maine woman Robyn White resulted in a federal lawsuit that was settled for more than $200,000.

N.H. Supreme Court Rules On Congressional Redistricting Maps

The state Supreme Court took supervisory jurisdiction over the case from the Superior Court saying the issue needs to be resolved quickly so the dates of the filing period do not have to be changed. The filing period for candidates runs from June 1 to June 10.

Harmony Montgomery’s Stepmom Violated Bail Order

Kayla Montgomery, the stepmother of the missing Manchester girl, Harmony Montgomery, violated the bail order in her welfare fraud and firearms cases when she sent a message to the girl’s father, Adam Montgomery.