Andrew Flockton Chosen 2024 ‘Governor for a Day’

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Andrew Flockton chosen as 2024 Governor For a Day.

Today, Governor Chris Sununu announced that Andrew Flockton, of Milford, New Hampshire has been selected as the 2024 ‘Governor for a Day’ competition winner. Andrew will act as Governor for a Day on Wednesday, May 1st, and join the Governor for the entire day at the State House and on the road.

Andrew is in the 7th grade at Milford Middle School where he is a member of the school’s student council and student newspaper, the Granite Town Tribune. In his submission, Andrew wrote of his interest in local government, business, and tourism.

“I look forward to welcoming Andrew to the State House for an exciting day,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “With lots of awesome submissions from students across the Granite State, Andrew’s submission captured the importance of civic engagement and the Live Free or Die Spirit that makes our state so special.”

“I am fascinated in government, specifically at state and local levels and I enjoy campaigning for change which I feel is needed,” Andrew wrote in his submission. “I would love to represent the next generation of New Hampshire citizens by being Governor for a day.”

A video of Andrew receiving a congratulatory phone call from Governor Chris Sununu can be viewed here.

The “Governor for a Day” initiative was launched in New Hampshire in 2018 to foster civic education and promote youth participation in government. The competition was open to all Middle and High School students across the Granite State.

Interested applicants were invited to submit a 250 – 500 word essay completing the sentence, “If I were Governor for a day, I would…” One individual is selected to serve as the official student “Governor for a Day” and is invited to join Governor Sununu for a day full of educational experiences. Additional information on the initiative can be found here.

A full copy of Andrew’s submission letter can be read below:

“If I were Governor for a day, I would want to learn about the state government and learn more about business and tourism in New Hampshire. I am fascinated with the inner workings of government and being Governor for a day would be a good way to expand my knowledge of government. I would like to represent the next generation of New Hampshire citizens by being Governor for a day.

I am a member of my middle school’s student council and newspaper club. In my school newspaper, the Granite Town Tribune I have written 2 book reviews, published my school board speech published an article quoting a UN treaty, and an article on the NH State Flag. I also designed the cover for the an issue.

I am fascinated in government, specifically at state and local levels and I enjoy campaigning for change which I feel is needed. I have educated myself in the legislative process and I have spoken to 2 state senators, 3 state representatives, your office, the Londonderry, NH Town Council and the New Hampshire House’s ED&A Committee about changing the state flag because I believe that our state flag is identical to other flags, unrecognizable and unrepresentative of New Hampshire. I have also spoken about education. I have sent a Petition for Rulemaking to the NH State Board of Education in connection with a local issue, as well as speaking at a school board meeting against the renovation of a school for students with disabilities that included the mobbing of the students into a high school.

I also have an interest in business. I want to learn about business because it fascinates me. I would also like to start a business, (specifically a sole proprietorship) in the field of graphic design soon. I have already freelance designed a business card and a logo. I hope that when I grow up, I will be an inventor.

Lastly, I would appreciate it very much if I was considered for the Governor for a Day of the State of New Hampshire.

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