Who Is My Best Word Friend Judy?

First of all, Judy is someone I’ve been playing Words with Friends with for over seven years.  I do not know her last name, where she lives, her family or professional life.

Time for Tulips, Peeps and Chocolate

It’s lovely and I think fondly both on getting ready for a church celebration by shining my patent leathers with Vaseline and also uncovering my mother’s stash of Peeps in her closet. 

Welcome to the Cool Club

Every once in a while you have a moment when the universe whispers, “Hey, you’re in the cool club.”  I had this moment when I attended the New Hampshire Association of World Language Teachers Conference in Concord in late March.

Stop: What Inspires Gratitude in You

Every once in a while, it’s simply lovely to stop and remember what’s good, what’s worth a pause, what inspires gratitude.  So, today, dear musers, I write a list of good moments, of pauses, of reflections of joy.