Move Those Muscles, and Yes, Eating Chocolate Counts

Shakespeare once wrote, “Action is eloquence.”  It’s from his play, Coriolanus, a play I’ve never read nor seen performed. But I muse joyfully on this quote as it’s so hopeful, persuasive, true to the adage, “Change your mind, move a muscle.”

And the Winner Is ….

Today I muse on the Academy Awards. I have not seen any of the films but hope to be prepared by the time the awards begin.

So What I Got in the Wrong Car

After arriving at work, mercifully, in the right car with my husband, my niece, Maeve, came to my school to tell stories of her adventures spending a semester in Rome.

Joyful Musings on The World Cup

What I do know is that this most incredible event – for both men and women, is the Academy Awards, the Haley’s Comet, the Winning Lottery Ticket – every four years.