Radio Free NH: Why I like Ike, Not Trump

Robin Hood made his depredations against the usurper Prince John, not against his monarch, Richard the Lion-Hearted. Pretty Boy Floyd robbed the same banks that were taking the homes of poor farmers.

Radio Free NH: Donald Trump, Have You No Shame?

By 1954, Joseph McCarthy had reached the limit of his usefulness to the Republican Party. His colleagues had long supported his red-baiting because he had been doing his damage to the Truman administration, in particular to the State Department.  Eisenhower’s election changed that calculus, though, so McCarthy’s act was beginning to wear thin.

Radio Free NH: What To Make of Trump Voters

In the wake of E. Jean Carroll winning her civil suit against Donald Trump (brave woman!), it’s hard to know what to make of the Republican voters who still favor him for the White House in 2024.