July 4 for Britain Contrasts with America

However, some of the people made incredibly rich under the old system of cheap labor and stealing resources as the Koch industry did oil from Indian lands, wanted to keep fighting the Civil War as the federal courts ordered integrated schools.

Distant Dome: The War on Education Is in Full Swing

Too many people interested in power instead of governing don’t want a truly informed public. Instead, they want enough of the public spoon fed “alternative facts,” conspiracy theories, and outright lies to ensure they retain power although they have views that are both harmful to the majority of citizens and allow the tyranny of the minority to overturn the will of the majority.

GOP Agenda Takes a Big Hit in the House

After last year’s kumbaya session with its bipartisan budget, and congratulations all around, the 2024 session began ugly with the war on trans youth and stayed that way until almost the very end.

Transitioning to Renewable Energy Will Be Tricky in NH

Today in New England the vast majority of electricity is generated by burning natural gas, while far less harmful than coal or oil, it is a fossil fuel and a global hot commodity, especially liquified natural gas which New England relies on to produce electricity in the winter when most of the natural gas supplies are allocated for home heating.