Getting To Know You Is A Little Trickier When You Are Gay Like Me

Hi all, it is my privilege to be stepping in for the lovely writers and creators of The Gay Agenda: Tori Tucker and Emma Simpson. Their decision to step back is the door opening for me to step in. Hopefully, this means I can cultivate a rapport with you. I hope to continue to capture the unique perspective of being queer, a student in New Hampshire, and share a bit of my life with you all.

Time to Trump Transgender Discrimination

Over the course of Trump’s presidency (now 6 months and counting) there have been numerous attacks against the LGBTQ community, but perhaps the most jarring was the most recent, which unfolded mainly on Twitter (what a great venue for official presidential business).

Getting Bi

THE GAY AGENDA: Some queer people perceive bisexual people as somehow not “queer enough,” while straight cisgender people perceive them as “too queer.”

How to Be a Good Ally During Pride Month

THE GAY AGENDA: Being an ally simply means that you are willing to be a decent human being and not judge someone because of how they identify, and that you are willing to let people who are discriminated against because of who they are share the spotlight a little, which is so important and meaningful, especially during pride month.

Off to Work We Go: What It’s Like Being Queer in NH Workplace

THE GAY AGENDA: It can be stressful at times, trying to memorize all the rules and regulations, not to mention recipes, prices and products, but to add to this stress, people of the LGBTQ community have to worry about how they’ll be received by their employers and coworkers.

Coming Out: No One-Size-Fits-All

Coming out as LGBTQ is often portrayed as a one-time grand gesture that alerts all of someone’s friends and family at once that they’re not straight/cisgender.