Welcome To The Ugly Era of 22 Cent Electricity

To paraphrase revolutionary pamphleteer Thomas Paine, these are the times that try ratepayers’ souls. The arrival of 22 cent electricity on August 1 in New Hampshire is the biggest and scariest energy-related news to hit the Granite State in 26 years.

What Your Utility Has in Common with My Dad’s ’67 Pontiac

For a family car, depreciation is pretty straightforward – at least in concept.  The Vista Cruiser had a useful life of eight years.  So, the way to pay for the next car would be to include, in the annual family budget, one eighth of the purchase price of the 1967 Pontiac.  Then, at the end of the eight years, there would be money in the bank to replace the station wagon.

The PUC Takes Us Back to 1922

Sometimes, in my exasperation, I have been known to complain that New Hampshire’s public utilities are mired in the year 1955.  But it turns out that maybe I should be grateful these companies are as evolved as they are.

Mozart Fanboy Meets Energy Justice

“Energy justice requires that equity be part of energy policy.”  So, declares Shalanda H. Baker, a professor of law, public policy and urban affairs at Northeastern University, in her 2021 book Revolutionary Power.

Utility Regulation, Coen Brothers Style

In visual terms, the most memorable thing about Fargo was the sight of Steve Buscemi’s dismembered body being fed into a tree chipper. It wasn’t exactly heartwarming family entertainment.