Sharing a Wild Publishing Ride

Manchester: Friendship can take you to different places. Jean Duffy and Bev Stohl’s circumstances took them on a road to forming a writer’s group, publishing their books, and eventually taking their knowledge with a how-to get your book published talk sharing their experiences and finding a way through the hard process.

T-Bones Great American Eatery Never Disappoints

So, why doesn’t it disappoint? We start with the food which we have eaten for over a decade and still to this day is reliably delicious. We like to sit at the bar and have our meal under the watchful eyes of the bartenders, one of whom is the second generation of her family’s line of T-Bones servers. I only know Chef Nicole Barriera from the commercials, but she has done a heck of a job maintaining the quality of the food.  

The View From Rattlesnake Ridge: How To Stay Safe in the Waters of NH

As a guide in the White Mountains in my early life I spent a great deal of time worrying about the safety of my charges. Of course, there are plenty of dangers to be aware of when you are hiking, climbing or paddling in the outdoors but few present the immediate dangers to people more than those associated with water, specifically rivers but also lakes, ponds and the ocean.