Missy DeMille and Mike Cameron: Bringing ‘Mike the Lineman’ to Life

Missy DeMille and Mike Cameron of Londonderry, NH, are heroic soldiers in this war and have fought their way through the trials of getting an idea, turning the idea into a manuscript, self-publishing the manuscript into book form and have taken on the next challenge of promoting and working to get a commitment from one of the many Hollywood networks like Netflix, Hulu, Nickelodeon, and others.

Graduation: ‘I celebrate my baby’s hard work, passion and dedication.’

It’s Joyful Musings Cali version, amigos – I’m writing this from Southern California where ideally I am hid I celebrate my baby’s hard work, passion and dedication. The truth is, when I come to the West Coast, I always feel like an elderly pilgrim, a yokel, the student who yells “you forgot to give the quiz, Ms. Heeter!”

Enjoying Life’s Simple Pleasures Like Night Water

  “Night water is the best!” he remarked and I muse joyfully on “night water” – on things that bring us simple joys, on moments that quench our thirst, literally and figuratively.

Roger Wood Talks Graduation from Career Academy Program

The New Hampshire Career Academy is an innovative education program that provides students with a pathway leading to a high school diploma, an associate’s degree, an industry credential and a job interview with a New Hampshire employer.