Senate Kills Landfill Siting Bill

House Bill 56, would ask the Department of Environmental Services to determine a safe distance but Republicans said they prefer Senate Bill 61, which has passed in the Senate and is being now considered in the House. It sets up a study and directs funding to hire an outside firm to figure that out.

N.H. Lawmakers Pass Reduced Energy Assistance Program

Lawmakers Thursday rejected a planned $100 million program to help state residents with energy costs this winter proposed by Gov. Chris Sununu and instead approved a less expensive program targeted to low-and middle-income residents.

Danes Share Knowledge of Offshore Wind With N.H.

Jeff Lundbaek of the Danish Wind Industry Association shared a brief history of wind power in his country and offered assistance to members of New Hampshire’s Committee To Study Offshore Wind and Port Development during a meeting on March 7 at the Walker Building.

Dem Lawmakers Decry PUC Order On Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency efforts in New Hampshire will be taking a step backward to 2017 levels in the next few years under an order issued last week by the Public Utilities Commission, according to Democratic legislators.

Dems Claim Governor’s Policies Fail To Lower Energy Costs

CONCORD — With New Hampshire residents facing skyrocketing energy costs this winter, Democrats said Thursday the governor’s energy plan has left the state unable to blunt the impact on families and businesses.

‘Environmental Justice’ To Be Part Of Offshore Wind

As the Commission To Study Offshore Wind and Port Development approaches a deadline for submitting recommendations to the governor and the legislature, questions about the role of fishermen and others who may be impacted by the project continue to arise.