House Votes To Expand Gambling and Gun Rights

The House decided to expand charitable gambling by allowing betting on historic horse racing but failed to meet the required vote to place a constitutional amendment before voters prohibiting gun restrictions.

Conway Questioned at Public Hearing on Her Judicial Nomination

Gov. Chris Sununu’s nominee to become a Superior Court judge who is the current Rockingham County Attorney, Patricia Conway, was lauded at a public hearing before the state’s Executive Council Wednesday in Concord.

House Republicans Prevail in Budget Battle

The House approved a $13.67 billion two-year operating budget Wednesday Republicans touted as fiscally responsible, but Democrats said underfunded critical state services as the state recovers from the pandemic.

Woodburn’s Trial Witness Accuses AG of Hurting His Reputation

The Littleton therapist who is the only defense witness for former state Senator Jeff Woodburn’s upcoming trial on domestic violence charges said allegations that prompted him to surrender his license to practice recently were false or distorted, intended to damage his credibility and derail Woodburn’s defense.

Sununu: Plan on 4th of July Parades and More Summer Reopenings

Expect fewer COVID-19 vaccines to enter the state next week than had been anticipated, Gov. Chris Sununu told Executive Councilors at their Wednesday meeting, but do expect Fourth of July parades across the state and other summer festivities to resume.

Don Kreis is a Big Picture Guy with Eyes on the Prize

If you are one of the many people who find their eyes glazing over when people begin talking about utility law, the Grid, Megawatts, Negawatts and other such terminology you may be tempted to skip listening to this Podcast with NH’s Consumer Advocate Don Kreis.