Op-Ed: The Dumbing Down of Minimum Standards

Think of it. If you followed the state’s approach, teachers would be fired each year and replaced with new grads who would teach grades of children all of which would be perfectly divisible by 25, because if there were 26 children in a class, the district would need two teachers each teaching a class of 13 children and this would break the cost model.

California’s Early School Funding Litigation and Updates on ConVal/Rand, Flynn Historical Marker Cases

The California Supreme Court found that education is a fundamental right because “education is the lifeline of both the individual and society” and “a major determinant of an individual’s chances for economic and social success in our competitive society [and]…[as] a unique influence on a child’s development as a citizen and his participation in political and community life.”

Vouchers–and what happened in Texas after the Rodriguez case.

Vouchers are all the rage in NH thanks in large part to Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut who promised the cost would be about $3 million in the first two years. It was actually $23 million and 90 percent of that went to parents who were already sending their kids to private or religious schools or homeschooling.