Seniors Target Bank of America in Concord over Fossil Fuels

The day after the United Nations released another dire report on the unfolding climate disaster, 55 people, almost all over 60, showed up outside Bank of America’s branch on Storrs Street in Concord with signs and banners protesting the financial giant’s complicity in fossil fuel use.

Unionized Dartmouth College Students Win $21 Wage

Thirteen months after student dining hall workers at Dartmouth College formed a union to win improvements in pay and working conditions, the Student Workers Collective at Dartmouth (SWCD) has won an agreement with the college that includes a $21 an hour base wage.

MLK Was No Ally of NH’s ‘Divisive Concepts’ Law

When New Hampshire House Republican leaders quoted Martin Luther King, Jr. in their defense of the state’s “Divisive Concepts” or “Non-Discrimination” law last week, it wasn’t the first time King’s words were used to imply something quite different from what he intended.