Dave Levinthal of the Center for Public Integrity, left, with Walt Hickey of FiveThirtyEight.

In Cleveland, a Tale of Two FEC Commissioners

Center for Public Integrity: Ann Ravel traveled to the Republican National Convention along with four of her FEC commissioner colleagues because, she says, determining the role money plays in politics “is not a Republican issue or a Democratic” issue.


FEC Latest Filings: Clinton Outraising Trump By 3 to 1 Margin

Center for Public Integrity: Hillary Clinton has a huge fundraising advantage. See details on this, plus much more from last night's campaign finance filings. Amount of money all presidential candidates and groups supporting them have raised so far this election: $1.48 billion.


CPI From Cleveland: Who’s Paying for All Those Balloons?

Major donors included New York investor Anthony Scaramucci and casino owner Phil Ruffin, who also spoke at the Republican National Convention last night. The Republican Party has now reported raising roughly $19 million for its convention account so far this election cycle.


CPI’s Inside Look at Influence-Peddling in Cleveland

So why was D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser at the C’est La Vie Lounge in Cleveland, at a party co-sponsored by liquor company Cruzan Rum, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and private prison operator GEO Group?

Melania Trump gives her speech Monday night in Cleveland.

Copycat Convention Speech?

Monday night at the Republican National Convention didn’t lack high drama — and not all of it reflected positively on Republicans, particularly if your name is Melania Trump.