Lawrence Lessig

Larry Lessig Takes His Plan to Congress

Lawrence Lessig‘s plea to members of Congress wasn’t exactly diplomatic: “End the humiliation that is your life, the embarrassment that is our representative democracy.”


What’s a Southern Teacher To Do in a NH Winter?

Joyful Musings:
But Kim is bracing for New Hampshire’s winter; she has boots from Land’s End and was wearing her “winter shoes” as we spoke. I did not have the heart to tell Kim her delicate tan ballet flats may not make it through November, but I adore her optimism.

Bob Marriott holds a large photo of his daughter Elizabeth "Lizzi" Marriott and looks at Seth Mazzaglia, seated left, during a sentencing hearing in Strafford County Superior Court in August 2014. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

Court To Decide Whether NH Murder Victim’s Sexual History Should Be Public

Click inside for video of the state Supreme Court’s oral arguments. The attorney for convicted murderer Seth Mazzaglia argued before the justices that his client’s appeal rests on revealing details of the murder victim’s sexual history, a development that would have a chilling effect on future rape victims, according to advocates who oppose any such idea.