Roger Wood Talks How To Avoid Email Hackers

We use it, email that is. But is it safe from prying eyes or ears? Roger Wood, podcast producer was surprised by the answer when he spoke to two people involved in the battle against those email hackers and cyber attackers in general.  And he finds out if there is any protection against them. 

Two Union Retirees Meet

Met my labor hero on Wednesday, May 11 – Lech Walesa, the Solidarnosc union electrician who sparked the revolution that led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  Ronald Reagan took credit for toppling the USSR, but it was Walesa’s 10 million-member union’s protests in communist Poland that led to the fall of the evil empire.

Graduation: ‘I celebrate my baby’s hard work, passion and dedication.’

It’s Joyful Musings Cali version, amigos – I’m writing this from Southern California where ideally I am hid I celebrate my baby’s hard work, passion and dedication. The truth is, when I come to the West Coast, I always feel like an elderly pilgrim, a yokel, the student who yells “you forgot to give the quiz, Ms. Heeter!”

Enjoying Life’s Simple Pleasures Like Night Water

  “Night water is the best!” he remarked and I muse joyfully on “night water” – on things that bring us simple joys, on moments that quench our thirst, literally and figuratively.