Net Metering – Are Better Days Ahead? 

In this episode Don Kreis shares a whimsical story about how net metering began as well as a brief primer on the technology and why it is so important now that consumers consider the advantages of adding solar to their homes and businesses in light of skyrocketing electric rates.

Jack Maresca On Ukraine Crisis and Life as a Diplomat

Jack Maresca and his mother found warm and welcoming arms among the counselors and campers at Camps Onaway and Mowglis on Newfound Lake in New Hampshire.; his mother as a counselor at Onaway and Jack as a young camper at Mowglis – School of the Open, where he recounts the memories of NH icons like Col. Alcott Farrar Elwell and the great Clyde (Micky) Smith who would go on to become an internationally-renown wildlife photographer as men who helped heal his heart and provide supportive role models.