A Conversation with Green Energy Pioneer Paul Popinchalk

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Green Energy Pioneer Paul Popinchalk

By WAYNE D. KING, The Radical Centrist

“Own Your Work”

A life-Journey toward a Low Carbon World

A Conversation with Green Energy Pioneer Paul Popinchalk

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While this podcast features a conversation with sustainable energy pioneer Paul Popinchalk, you cannot help but notice that every step along the way has been beside his life partner and wife Nancy, whom he mentions regularly. It’s fair to say that the journey he has been on is nothing if not a collaboration between two remarkable people who have had one another’s backs through thick and thin.

Early in their professional careers Paul and Nancy – after the birth of their first child, Seth – discovered that the waste from the nuclear plant where Paul was employed had leaked from 3 of the 10 massive storage tanks where it had been stored, contaminating more than 50 miles of the Columbia river basin so completely that it was unsafe to even disturb the soil for fear of exposure to high levels of radiation. This and other cascading events caused a sea change in the lives of Paul and Nancy and set them on the path that has placed them in the vanguard of those working to create what Amory Lovins called the “Soft Path” to a low carbon future.

In a candid and soul searching conversation, this Podcast brings us a rare look at the “ground-level” experience of scientists who chose to take a risk that they could help bring about a better future for their son and the sons and daughters of all of us. 

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