Ratepayers Stage a Ballroom Coup

On November 30, the CLG held its most recent quarterly meeting at the Colonnade Hotel near the Prudential Center in Boston.  There was plenty of food, as usual.

Eversource Hits the Panic Button

Joseph R. Nolan, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Eversource, received nearly $6.5 million in compensation last year.  Or, at least, so says the 2022 annual proxy statement of the region’s biggest utility empire.

How Utilities Make Profits in NH

As natural gas and, especially, electric rates have soared in recent months there is widespread concern that utilities, their shareholders, and their executives are profiting handsomely at the expense of struggling ratepayers.

Net Metering – Are Better Days Ahead? 

In this episode Don Kreis shares a whimsical story about how net metering began as well as a brief primer on the technology and why it is so important now that consumers consider the advantages of adding solar to their homes and businesses in light of skyrocketing electric rates.

Will the Lights Stay on in N.H. This Winter?

  ISO New England is nervous, yet again, about whether the electricity grid will hold up if an extended cold snap stresses the available supply of natural gas.  Meanwhile, electricity prices have gone haywire, as evidenced by the 22.6 cents per kilowatt-hour that Eversource has recently started charging its default energy service customers in New Hampshire.