Northern Pass: Tourism in the Looking Glass

NH Travel Guru: Rather  than choose sides in this controversy, I hope to use my experience to enhance the reader’s ability to frame an informed opinion.

Northern Pass Expert Asked How 1,284 ‘Significant’ Properties Pared Down to 6

The project was not found to have an adverse impact on the National Historic Landmark, the Webster Farm and Daniel Webster Family Home, but was found to have an adverse visual impact on the Weeks Estate and State Park in Lancaster, but not enough to remove it from the National Register of Historic Places.

Public Counsel Grills Northern Pass Expert On Property Value Impact

Attorney Thomas Pappas representing the Counsel for the Public, grilled James Chalmers of Chalmers & Associates of Billings, Montana, about his report concluding there “is no evidence that high-voltage transmission lines result in consistent measurable effects on property values.”