Marchand to Launch ‘No Northern Pass, No Corporate Pass’ Tour  

Gubernatorial candidate and former Mayor of Portsmouth, Steve Marchand, will launch a tour this week to highlight his longstanding opposition to Northern Pass, Governor Sununu’s unwavering support for the project, and how this project is just one example of the corrosive levels of influence corporate interests frequently have in Concord.

Northern Pass on the Brink: A Ratepayers’ Lament

NH’s consumer advocate weighs in on Northern Pass. “If you dislike Northern Pass, you should dislike ‘New England Clean Energy Connect’ even more.  That’s CMP’s rival project – which would, if built, do to pristine areas in Maine’s rural Franklin and Somerset counties exactly what Northern Pass would do to similar locations in the Granite State.”

Another Northern Pass Shocker

CONCORD — After two weeks of discussions, the Massachusetts clean energy bid selection committee decided to continue negotiations with Northern Pass, but to also negotiate with Central Maine Power on its New England Clean Energy Connect.