2 Gunstock Commissioners Walk Out of Meeting, Management Would Return If They Resigned

Amidst calls for their resignations — including from other commissioners — the chair and vice-chair of the Gunstock Area Commission finally walked of what was to be a special non-public session to address the issues raised by a mass walkout of the senior management team that had led to the closure of the county-owned recreational area.

Gunstock’s Management Team Resigns, Walks Out of Meeting

One month after employees of the Gunstock Mountain Resort complained of disrespect by the governing Gunstock Area Commission, a new seating plan that placed senior management in the audience at the Belknap County Complex was seen as a further insult, leading to the resignation of the entire management team.

Reps. Sylvia, Silber Withstand Removal from County Convention Request

A citizens’ petition seeking the removal of Belknap County representatives Michael Sylvia, R-Belmont, and Norman Silber, R-Gilford, based on their exceeding appropriations for legal expenses as representatives of the County Convention, failed to gain traction due to the petitioners’ faulty reading of the statutes.

Gunstock Commission Seeks To Move Beyond Controversy

Members of the Gunstock Area Commission say they want to move beyond their failed lawsuit against the Belknap County Convention, but their decision to hire an attorney to review the record and determine how the dispute started means that the political intrigue surrounding the operation of Gunstock Mountain Resort is not abating.