Vermont Pacifist Leaves Manchester, NH Halfway House

When Martha Hennessy was released from a federal prison and transferred to an “adult residential re-entry” program in Manchester, it wasn’t her first trip to the Queen City or her first entanglement with the criminal legal system.

Five People Arrested at State House Protesting the State Budget

After a day of protests at the State House, five activists were arrested when they refused to leave the Executive Council chambers without seeing Gov. Chris Sununu and giving him an in-person message to veto the budget passed earlier in the day.

Rally Lifts Up Issues Faced by NH Workers

The first day of May has been an occasion for labor rallies since 1886, when workers throughout the United States demanded an 8-hour day.

Opinion: Faith Leaders Call Right-to-Work Proposal Immoral

At last week’s six-hour hearing on a bill to weaken the power of organized labor, lessons on theology were mixed in with statements on labor law, economics, and the role of unions.