MLK Was No Ally of NH’s ‘Divisive Concepts’ Law

When New Hampshire House Republican leaders quoted Martin Luther King, Jr. in their defense of the state’s “Divisive Concepts” or “Non-Discrimination” law last week, it wasn’t the first time King’s words were used to imply something quite different from what he intended.

New Hampshire Has a Problem

History is, of course, about the past, but we study it to understand the present.  In the present, New Hampshire has a Nazi problem.

‘Student Union’ Takes on New Meaning at Dartmouth College

At a rally held Thursday in front of McNutt Hall, union members, mostly international students, described the long hours, inadequate pay, and the disrespect they experience from white, privileged Dartmouth students who make up much of the student body. 

Teamsters Rally Support in Epping

As they prepared to return to the negotiating table with hopes for a new union contract, striking Sysco drivers were joined by high profile Democrats at a support rally alongside Route 125 in Epping Monday morning.  

Women, and a Few Men, Stand Out for Women’s Rights

Sharon Morgan, a retired nurse practitioner from Etna, New Hampshire, took up a position by the corner of Court and North Main Streets in downtown Concord at around noon on Saturday.  Holding a sign that said, “Roe, Roe, Roe Your Vote,” she raised her voice every few minutes, shouting “Vote for women’s rights in November” at cars passing by.