Radio and the Mind of Mike Morin

In that time, he has been stalked, buried alive three times, done a striptease in downtown Boston, learned about getting fired in the morning newspaper, been a victim of armed robbery, and talks about all of that and so much more in his autobiography, Fifty Shades of Radio: Being Wired, Tired, and Fired.

‘Stories From the Rolodex,’ A Conversation

Take a trip back into history with your kids, your students, your friends and neighbors with this fantastic collaboration between author Beverly Stoddart and educator Ann Welch as they describe their collaboration built upon the extraordinary stories of journalists from United Press International in the latter half of the 20th century.

Covid Conversations – Dr. Christine Arsnow on Vaccinations for Kids

Nancy West and Beverly Stoddart are joined by Concord pediatrician Dr. Christine Arsnow. She is vice president of the New Hampshire Chapter of the American Pediatric Society. Get information first-hand from the experts to keep you and your family safe.