The View from Rattlesnake Ridge: Our Moment

The dramatic changing weather here in the valley between Rattlesnake Ridge and the Waterville Range has produced days and nights well below zero interspersed with a few calm and pleasant ones. One warmer night seemed to summon forth the Barred Owls with their enchanting calls whoooo, who cooks for youuuu.

Tom Wessels: In the Footsteps of Abbey, Muir, and Whitman 

It’s interesting that for someone for whom evolution, natural selection, and succession became the (early) hallmarks of his professional life it all began at an early age when he would escape to a nearby 70 acre forest for his own personal peace and evolved from an almost therapeutic and innate understanding of the natural world to a deeper understanding of our social and civic relationships.

Wayne King Talks With FPU Civics Scholar Andru Volinsky on Issues That Matter

When the long draft history of New Hampshire is written for the end of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st, Andru Volinsky will be among those held in the highest regard for his unwavering commitment to children, the natural environment and equal justice for all.

Counter Culture, Clams, Convents and a Circle of Global Citizens

It is the tale of an era in American history as witnessed and acted upon by a family of first- and second-generation immigrants to the U.S. in which each decade yielded countless stories that, told over, would form the template of an American success story for the ages.