Happy Chanukah, It’s Complicated

We will light candles, we will spin tops, we will eat potato pancakes, and we will consider eating chocolate coins as well, even though most brands of Chanukah chocolate taste like wax.

It Was Us on Our Own, We Nearly Wrecked Everything

In the middle of the Cold War, when Americans still had nightmares about the bomb, Russians exported actual warfare into the world, and the mass of mankind remained hungry and poor, the great philosopher Walt Kelley (who wrote about animals living in a swamp) warned us as clearly as he could.

AG William Barr: The Reason People Hate Lawyers

Our president, who is afraid of the democratic process, and who has been trying to undermine it however he can, told the citizens of North Carolina to vote twice, once by mail and once in person, ostensibly to check and see if North Carolina’s protections against that practice are effective.