When in Doubt, Quote Ecclesiastes

I found Obama’s opinion to be interesting, though. It dovetailed nicely with a different piece of news that emerged earlier in the Biden administration, when word leaked out that Joe and his wife had never been invited to the White House for any private social event in the entire eight years of the Obama presidency.

Radio Free NH: The Thing About Spring

Further proof of spring: People in Washington are getting excited about their cherry blossoms. This, even though the annual Running of the Blossoms (or whatever they call it) has been canceled owing to concerns about covid.

Still Trying To Understand Donald Trump

And I am coming to believe that “the former guy,” as Joe Biden has happily stumbled upon calling him — an overweight carnival barker in actual clown make-up — became president of our country for very specific historical and cultural reasons (right time, right place, wrong man).