Radio Free NH: What To Make of Trump Voters

In the wake of E. Jean Carroll winning her civil suit against Donald Trump (brave woman!), it’s hard to know what to make of the Republican voters who still favor him for the White House in 2024.

Radio Free New Hampshire: Will Trump Get Out of His Own Way?

I write this article not knowing if Donald Trump will get arrested this week. He seems to think he will be. He has called for demonstrations against that happening, which means that his lawyers must be pulling their hair out, because their client is failing the first test of facing criminal charges. He is acting like a criminal.

Radio Free New Hampshire: Winter’s Here…

It was a gorgeous snow, too, that decided to coat our town. It was wet and heavy so it stuck to things and stayed there; every tree looked like a masterpiece and we have a lot of trees so our town looked like a postcard.

Radio Free NH: The House Will Become a Circus

When grown men today dress like little children, in other words, the drift is no longer practicality. It’s avoidance of maturity, and running from responsibility, with a dose of magical thinking attached.