Workforce Issues Exacerbated By the Pandemic

The Great Recession impacted men more than women and more women were employed in private industry than men from 2007 until 2015, but since that time more men are working than women.

Just Approved Budget Sends State in New Direction

There are any number of controversial provisions including the divisive concepts section that is not quite the prohibition on teaching controversial racial or sexual concepts as the original but certainly would prohibit critical race theory in public schools and universities.

Ugly Legislative Session Draws to a Close

COVID-19 has meant virtual or hybrid committee meetings, virtual sessions for the Senate, and in-person sessions held on athletic fields and parking lots in Durham and a sportsplex in Bedford for the House.

Emergency Powers Boost for NH Governors May Be Curtailed

If there is one thing legislators from both sides of the aisle want to protect, it is their constitutional ability to control the purse strings, so the money grab did not sit well with either party’s lawmakers, although the Democrats were more vocal about the slight.