It’s Education Freedom Account Week in the House

While Texas Gov. Greg Abbott may have a lot of support from Texans in his attempt to start a civil war over immigrants at his border with Mexico, he has yet to convince his Republican controlled Legislature of the value of an education voucher program.

NH Primary Is Over for Another Four Years

The Democratic National Committee saw to it that the Democratic side of the ballot was in their words “meaningless” because no delegates were at stake as New Hampshire thumbed its nose at its attempt to change the running order making South Carolina the leadoff primary and New Hampshire second fiddle along with Nevada.

The NH Presidential Primary Is Different Now

The near sacred process of choosing who will be running for what was once considered to be the leader of the free world is about to commence. But this year’s presidential run for the roses feels different than past races.

Some Major NH Issues Decided in November

From equitable education funding to extreme partisan gerrymandering, from education vouchers to voting rights, from constitutional protections to the date of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary, and from potential mass shootings to illegal legislative voting, the state dealt with all of this in one form or another during the 30 days of November.

Court Decisions Do Not Call for More Education Spending in NH

The long battle over equitable education funding does not end with the two decisions released last week.

Rockingham County Superior Court Judge David Ruoff ruled the state needs to pay a higher percentage of public education costs and its methodology for administering the statewide property tax makes it unconstitutional.