Just Another Routine Thursday for New Hampshire Ratepayers

One would hope that the SEC’s decision would point Eversource and other industry payers in the direction of more local and small-scale projects when it comes to needed improvements to our energy infrastructure.  Energy efficiency, demand response, micro-grids, battery storage, and small-scale generation facilities are the kind of infrastructure that does not require SEC approval, yet all count.

A Steady Hand, Open Heart – Rebuilding the American Idea in a Post-Trump World

In the long shadow of the Rattlesnake Ridge the talk these days at The Common Cafe or Plain Jane’s Diner in Rumney or Dot’s Bread and Butter Bistro in Ashland is often turning to who the next standard bearers in the political parties should be and what their message to the American people ought to be, with plenty of opinions on all sides about our President.

Feds Challenge Coos Planners’ Authority

The Coos Planning Board seems headed for a collision with the federal government over the board’s assertion that it has the authority to regulate private projects on federal lands.