Some Major NH Issues Decided in November

From equitable education funding to extreme partisan gerrymandering, from education vouchers to voting rights, from constitutional protections to the date of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary, and from potential mass shootings to illegal legislative voting, the state dealt with all of this in one form or another during the 30 days of November.

Court Decisions Do Not Call for More Education Spending in NH

The long battle over equitable education funding does not end with the two decisions released last week.

Rockingham County Superior Court Judge David Ruoff ruled the state needs to pay a higher percentage of public education costs and its methodology for administering the statewide property tax makes it unconstitutional.

Distant Dome: Selective Rules Not Good for Democracy

Today people continue to insist — without any evidence  —  the 2020 presidential election was a sham and the former guy, Donald Trump, should still be president although 7 million more people voted for current President Joe Biden.

New Hampshire Lags New England in Renewable Energy

The chair of the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee, Rep. Michael Vose, R-Epping, will introduce a bill in the 2024 session to establish a clean energy portfolio standard that would include nuclear power from Seabrook Station which provides 56 percent of all the electric generation in New Hampshire.