NH Rental Market Remains Tight

In order to afford the statewide median cost of a typical two-bedroom apartment with utilities, a renter would have to earn 117% of the statewide median renter income, or over $47,100 a year.

Moultonborough Teacher Wins Presidential Award

Stephanie Gleeson will be invited to Washington, D.C., to receive a citation from President Donald Trump and a $10,000 award from the NSF, which administers the award on behalf of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

NH Groups Denounce Supreme Court’s Decision Upholding Trump Travel Ban

“Today’s Supreme Court decision extends the administration’s anti-family agenda that we have also seen through mass detention and deportation.  This ban will keep spouses apart and will separate children from their parents,” said Jason Wells, Executive Director of the NH Council of Churches.

Who’s Running Against Whom For What and Where in NH

When the filing period closed June 15, the Democrats had candidates running for all 24 seats and Republicans had 23 candidates filed and probably a write-in campaign will be in the works to find an opponent for District 4 incumbent David Watters of Dover in the general election.

On Your Mark, Get Set NH, Let’s Go Someplace

And although I am not packing to go anywhere this week, I muse joyfully that I am at the ready. I’m packed and eager to go 24/7, chomping at the bit, ready for adventure. 

A Storm is Coming

Many of my life lessons were learned from my parents but at Mowglis I learned to believe in myself, to stretch the boundaries of my imagination, to reach out to the fellow who was struggling and help him up.