Bienvenue Translates to More Tourism in NH

 For a long time, the word “Bienvenue” has accompanied “Welcome” on signs at entry points into New Hampshire. Now, owing to dedicated effort by a handful of educators and state government officials, Bienvenue au New Hampshire has taken on an expanded purpose.

Former Gov. John Lynch’s Official Portrait Unveiled

CONCORD — Old home day came early this summer as members of former Gov. John Lynch’s administration, his family and friends, state workers and associates gathered to watch the unveiling of his official portrait Friday.

Candidate Messmer weighs in on released report on drinking water

As reported by Politico earlier this month and after almost 6 months of suppression, the ATSDR was able to release results of important health studies in a report today that concludes EPA’s drinking water advisory for perfluorinated chemicals in drinking water is inadequate to protect people from cancer and other chronic health diseases.

Suppressed Study: The EPA Underestimated Dangers of Widespread Chemicals

A major environmental health study that had been suppressed by the Trump administration because of the “public relations nightmare” it might cause the Pentagon and other polluters has been quietly released online.