Shea-Porter: Trump Decision To End ‘Dreamer’ Program Is ‘Morally Wrong and Cruel’

UPDATES to include Rep. Annie Kuster’s statement. Rep. Shea-Porter: “This decision is morally wrong and cruel. It also would hurt our economy, which is why a wide range of American businesses are speaking out. I agree with Speaker Paul Ryan: decisions about the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program should be made by Congress.”

Wanted: Radical Centrists – No Political Experience Necessary celebrates our second anniversary by debuting Wayne D. King’s new column: The View from Rattlesnake Ridge: Ruminations of an Unabashed Optimist, an Environmental Patriot and a Radical Centrist. “It was Kurt Vonnegut, one of my favorite writers, who said that the United States needed a ‘Secretary of the Future.'”

McPhaul Responds to Sununu on Northern Pass

Dolly McPhaul: I would like to address Governor Sununu’s comments in an August 24, article. He stated people need to understand the permitting process for energy companies before making statements about Northern Pass.