Straight Talk: Time To Make The Laws, But Please Kill Private School Voucher Bill

STRAIGHT TALK: A request to have a bill written up is called a Legislative Service Request (LSR) and so far there are 676, even before the Senate additions. New Hampshire, being unique among states, requires each bill filed to have a public hearing and to be voted on by the full House.

From Devastated Puerto Rico: ‘We are rationing the food’

Link inside for story in Spanish. With no tap water and blocked access to go in the car to find food, this man’s family collects spring water and wanders through the forest looking for vegetables, oranges and coconuts to survive. Assistance of the national, federal or municipal government has not yet arrived to these parts.

Autumnal Thoughts From the NH State House

Beginning in September, we resume our activities in determining the public policy of the state of New Hampshire.  We begin holding public meetings on retained bills, those bills that we felt had merit, but we could not resolve in the regular session.