Find Out What’s Lurking In Your Water — In NH, Too

The top five utilities that accumulated/accrued the most violation points as of January to March 2017 in New Hampshire, according to the website: Barkland Acres in Derry, Bethlehem Village District in Bethlehem, Exeter Water Department in Exeter, Tyrol Well A in Intervale, and New Castle Water Works in Portsmouth. Click inside to find full details on New Hampshire and the rest of the nation.

Two Grants Awarded for Housing Initiatives with Statewide Reach

Two affordable housing initiatives – one designed to increase supported housing for developmentally disabled adults and another to preserve existing affordable multi-family rental housing – recently received grants of $50,000 from the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority.

Hotelier-in-Chief: Here Are the Trumps’ New Hotels

The Trump Organization has so far declined to release details about where dozens of American IDEA and Scion-brand Trump hotels will be located or who the Trumps will be partnering with. So we’ve asked local journalists and interested citizens to help find and ferret out the facts on 33 proposed deals that have yet to be publicly disclosed.