Celebrating Pets

They’ve made us better people. They have loved us no matter what. They await our return home every day and make entering our own door extra special. It’s no wonder people love their pets! And we do, too, here at InDepthNH.org. Now you can honor that extraordinary family member in a special way, with InDepthNH.org’s new section, Celebrating Pets.

You can honor your pet by placing a special notice on our website, whether that’s recognizing your pet’s accomplishments, special qualities, announcing a pet adoption, celebrate a birthday, or perhaps you might want to pen a tribute to a departed pet. Perhaps you’d like to remember that day when a puppy or kitten first entered your life, and how they’ve grown into your most loyal companion. What does your pet love to do? How does he or she make you a better person? Do you have a favorite moment? How about a special activity?

Your entry for Celebrating Pets may be whatever you’d like. You might have a story to share, or perhaps a poem or a drawing… It’s your choice. (We will edit for taste and spelling when necessary.)

InDepthNH.org will publish a photograph and 1,000 words or less for a fixed cost of $20. And the best part: $5 of your payment will be donated to your choice of New Hampshire charitable organizations that rescue animals.

Click here to complete your pet tribute today! If you would like to read the wonderful pet tributes that have been submitted by our readers and columnists, click here.

In addition to pet tributes, InDepthNH.org also helps New Hampshire rescue organizations by listing some pets that are available for adoption! Click here for our “Moose’s Pals” column.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at indepthnhcelebratingpets@gmail.com.

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