AG Formella, Seth Meyers Among 500 Banned from Entering Russia on New List

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Photo from Youtube

Seth Meyers's monologue last October saying Vladimir Putin called a meeting of his National Security Council and "There were no survivors."

CONCORD – New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella and comedian Seth Meyers, who grew up in Bedford, were among 500 Americans who have been banned from Russia, according to a list released by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday.

The latest list appears to be in retaliation to expanded sanctions the United States imposed against Russia for invading the Ukraine, which were also released Friday.

“It is high time for Washington to learn that not a single hostile attack against Russia will be left without a strong reaction. The principle of the inevitability of punishment will be consistently applied, whether we are talking about tougher sanctions pressure or discriminatory steps to hinder the professional activities of our fellow citizens,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The news outlet Deadline reported that talk show hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert were also on the latest banned from Russia list, along with former President Barack Obama, CNN anchor Erin Burnett, MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, and former NBC News anchor Brian Williams.  

In February 2022, Gov. Chris Sununu signed an executive order removing Russian-made vodka from the shelves of state-run liquor stores in response to Russia invading the Ukraine, but Sununu’s name was not on the list. Sununu, a Republican, has made it clear he is considering running for president.

Formella said in an email he was honored to make the list, but didn’t say what likely prompted his name being listed.

“Given the atrocities we are seeing the Kremlin carry out, being blacklisted by Russia is a badge of honor,” Formella said.

“I am proud to vigorously enforce New Hampshire law and will continue to do so despite attempts like this to try and intimidate America’s public officials. This ‘action’ will have no impact on me, my office, or our work.”

The New York Times reported that some of the people on the banned list were “perceived enemies of former President Donald J. Trump…”

“Among the 500 people singled out for travel and financial restrictions on Friday were Americans seen as adversaries by Mr. Trump, including Letitia James, the state attorney general of New York who has sued him for alleged fraud, and Jack Smith, the Justice Department special counsel investigating his efforts to overturn the 2020 election and his handling of classified documents after leaving office,” The Times reported.

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