Portsmouth Pride 2017: Hard Not To Feel The Love

THE GAY AGENDA: There wasn’t a stern face in the crowd and walking through a crowd of people who are similar to you in a way that feels so fundamental is an incredible feeling.

Your Sunday Toon

Mike Marland works for you the people now. Let’s pay him and get a prize. Click inside to see how.

If You Never Dated a Felon, Well Then …

JOYFUL MUSINGS: And this conversation led me to think of those boyfriends to whom I am not the one that got away, I am, mercifully, the one who was not asked to stay. I’m sure we all dodged a bullet.

GOP In Full Control in Concord. Will They Deliver?

CONCORD – For the first time in 14 years, New Hampshire has a wholly Republican budget, crafted by the GOP-controlled Senate and House and the party’s first governor since 2004.