Keep Up With The Crooks in NH

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE NH: We have to step up our game, people. The crooks are getting smarter. Technology is getting scarier. And we are the marks, or the sheep, or the victims-to-be, if you will.

How Much Does Your NH Neighbor Know About You?

Go to the Registry of Deeds website ( and search on the county where you live. .. I did this not so long ago, and lo and behold, there on one of the documents was my Social Security number and my wife’s Social Security number!

Who’s Tracking Your NH Voting Habits To Tell Your Neighbors?

There in chart form was my name in boldface and the names of nine of my closest and dearest neighbors (none of whom I know, by the way) listing if they or I voted or did not vote in the November 2012 general election, September 2014 primary election, or the November 2014 general election.