Standout Super Fans Cheered As Clippers Topped Dover

Saturday’s State Championship Basketball game of Dover vs. Portsmouth  High School boys brought out a lot of fans, bleachers of support, and a plethora of green and white. But two fans stood out – Lori Coleman, mother of Ryan Coleman DHS Class of 2018, and Super Fan Brigham Clark, Dover High School class of 1973.

Coming out: Am I just gay Sam from then on?

We all think we know our friends and families so well, but sometimes we can be caught off guard by certain reactions and feelings towards our identities.

Merry St. Patrick’s Day from Joyful Musings

I love how we New Englanders seem to have built in forgetters, seasonal amnesia. I know I certainly do as I go sort through my gloves, my jackets, my winter gear and think, “Will I ever need this stuff again? Certainly it will never get THAT cold. Heck, who needs these scarves? Not me!”

What Next? Blood Doping at Sandwich Fair?

Of course the majority of folks watched team USA hoping that these great kids would realize their dreams but there’s also been quite a bit of talk about the Russian athlete who was caught blood doping and had his Olympic medal revoked.