Stop Terry Rombot’s Deportation Prayer Vigil at ICE Burlington Wednesday

Terry Rombot, from Indonesia, has been living in New Hampshire for more than 15 years, having fled persecution in his native country.  He was detained by ICE during a routine check-in appointment on August 1 and is being held at the Plymouth County Corrections.  He faces imminent threat of deportation in the coming days.  

Shaheen Supports Maintaining Military in Afghanistan

I support the decision to maintain an American presence, but I urge the President not to discount the continued contributions of U.S. diplomats and development professionals as well as local Afghan and Coalition partners.

NH’s Bob LaPree Delights In Chasing The Eclipse in S.C.

Bob LaPree: ” … we all piled into several vehicles and dashed up the interstate arriving an hour before the beginning of the show – this is why it’s called ‘eclipse chasing.'”

Better Than Biking the Kancamagus on Your Harley

Power to the People: Experiencing the Kancamagus Highway via motorcycle is exhilarating. But what would provide year-round excitement is longterm savings on my energy bill through the achievement of a dream officially sanctioned by the Public Utilities Commission last year – that of all cost-effective energy efficiency.