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Nancy West photo

Writer John Harrigan of Colebrook has been a strong supporter of over the last four years. Thanks John. He is pictured entering a Northern Pass hearing in Concord in this 2017 photo. Took a screen photo of it with my favorite water bottle.

Part III Editor’s Note: is celebrating our fourth anniversary of reporting unbiased, online, nonprofit news. We will share our story all week long and answer any questions you might have. We are part of a national movement to save journalism and hope you will join us in NH.  Here’s John Harrigan’s take on— Nancy West, founder


What I like about is its unifying and energizing effect on the many tens of thousands of people who miss aggressive State House coverage, miss the media sticking with long-term stories, and appreciate the commitment has made—and the talent it has drawn to the cause.

What I don’t like about InDepthNH is how it suffers from being shunted aside or even ignored by others in the media who don’t seem to know what’s gong on.

What’s going on is that this little knot of people who grabbed what was almost gone before it was gone are now a pretty sizable cohort of talented people who make InDepthNH a multi-services medium that deserves a front sea at the table.

Longtime statewide writer and North Country newspaper owner John Harrigan of Colebrook joined InDepthNH four years ago and has written for us on a haphazard basis. We expect he will be writing View from Above the Notches for us again in Year Five.

He has been working in various media, with a lot of radio and television but mostly newspapers, for five decades.

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