Don’t Be Lonely A Lonely Traveler at Christmas

She and her other sisters and a brother had bought a house in Rhode Island and were looking for another disabled woman to share the home with their sister.  The sisters would hire some help for round-the-clock supervision and all the sisters and brother would be involved in her life at a closer range.

My Public Library Helped Make Me Who I Am Today

Her name was Miss Ryder and she was the librarian at Richards Memorial Library in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, where I grew up. It was the beginning of my literary life and Miss Ryder was as excited about teaching me the library ropes as I was to learn.

Monica Reads: A Novel To Change Your Mind

Good versus evil and hope triumph over fear in this well-written book We Were Strangers Once by Betsy Carter.  The story takes us to the United States and Germany during the 1930s and to the beginning of the Second World War.