Fiona Davis Weaves a Fascinating Tale About NYC’s Dakota in ‘The Address’

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MONICA READS, By Monica Drahonovsky

The Address
By Fiona Davis

Anyone been to Strawberry Fields in Central Park lately?  Did you see the amazing hulk of the Dakota apartment building across the street?

You will definitely want to know more about this building and the people who lived there. And The Address makes finding out a really fun read and a great whodunnit from 1884 – 1985 about this iconic place.

Yes, you will love the book and the cast of characters.  The really amazing details of the builders of the Dakota and the way it was managed come together in a way that will keep you engrossed.

Monica Drahonovsky

The Camden family, starting with Dakota architect Theodore Camden, then and now, are interesting and unaware of their birthright.  There is a legal angle to the whole show and I won’t even hint at the unexpected ending.

I loved this summer read and want you to experience the ride.  The people who inhabit the book seem real and part of the times they lived in. Who betrays who and who wins in the end kept me reading every page, turning them as fast as I could.

I remember visiting New York often as a college student and as an older married woman in the ’90s.  The Dakota is part of history and the clients of the apartment building will stick in your memory.

Take the time to visit Strawberry Fields once again.  The Dakota will have a lot more meaning than you expect.  Head to the library and find this book in the fiction department or to your nearest book store.

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