A Graduation Speech We All Need To Hear

First off, wisdom.  Floss your teeth. And do it before you brush them so it will feel wrong not to brush your teeth without having first flossed them.  Your sixty year old gums will thank you and you will not regret going to the dentist. 

Cherished Memories Find New Home in Fire Pit

Last week I opened a trunk that had not seen the light of day since the late 90s. In the spirit of moving houses, packing and sorting, I opted to take this trunk with me as I traveled down to the south shore of Massachusetts.

Clearly, Clear Bins are the Best

Today I muse joyfully on the adverb, “clearly.” I love when people use this word, say things like, “clearly, I am mad” or “clearly, you are confused.

Here’s To Spring and Our Wondrous Teachers

It’s a beautiful Saturday to muse joyfully, to think of spring ahead, to hear the birds coming back, coming alive, singing their songs. The buds are ready to burst and the shades of green are incredible. It’s spring, musers, it’s spring.

Letting Go, Time to Downsize

Relief can present herself in a myriad of forms, realizing there is just enough toilet paper, learning a tumor is benign, waking up and realizing it’s Saturday.