Joyful Musings on The World Cup

What I do know is that this most incredible event – for both men and women, is the Academy Awards, the Haley’s Comet, the Winning Lottery Ticket – every four years.

Town Trash Bags are Never Re-Gifted

When I was in first grade, I thought of running away. I packed my ice skates in a suitcase. I am much older now, but if I were to run away, I’d still only pack my ice skates.

Celebrating the Holidays Hanging With the Mob

During this holiday season, during this most festive of times, I muse joyfully on watching way too much TV, coming home from work and watching that ever festive, ever joyful, ever jubilant program: The Sopranos.

Lisa Made Me Laugh Like No Other

I’ll miss her. But I know I’ll feel her as I sit comfortably in an adirondack chair, and I know every sunset will have her image in the sky, over the waves, over the clouds.

Musing Joyfully on Voters

One of my wants is that everyone vote. My want is that people vote for those running for office who inspire with integrity, with vibrance, with confidence.