The Magic of Eating Outside

There are words that align so beautifully with summer they ought to be tattooed upon bronzed backs:  hammock, breeze, sunbathing, blueberries, swimming and picnic.  While today I muse joyfully on all of those words, muse joyfully upon a pristine summer of 2022, I especially get the ink ready for my most favorite: picnic.

Bennie the Dog Takes the Fifth

According to our sources, you took these sandals, hid them under the couch and denied having them: hence, the search warrant.

A July To Remember

July is the Mario Andretti of months, the Usain Bolt, the Flo-Jo of time.  July is Josh Hawley on January 6th.

Swimming Without Mirrors

One of my favorite means of movement is swimming, I muse joyfully on the simplicity of a bathing suit, goggles and, my favorite part: no mirrors.

Happy July 4 N.H.: Meet Your New Citizen Neighbors

Today’s Naturalization Ceremony in Portsmouth’s historic Strawbery Banke was the place to be – where pomp wore red, white and blue, where circumstance carried American flags, where 72 citizens from 32 countries became America’s newest citizens.

Celebrate America: See You July 4 at Strawbery Banke

Need a pick me up? A reminder that in spite of all that has transpired, is transpiring, will transpire in this land of the free – for most, home of the brave – for all, the United States is still a country where people believe in the possible, the impossible, the American dream.

Moments of Pure Joy As Summer Vacation Is Here

And mercifully, every year for decades, I have this one moment of joy so pure, I pause and not only muse joyfully, I exhale, I feel as though I am an eight year old, I literally jump for happiness so glorious I weep.