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Author/attorney Michael Davidow

You can donate here and it will be doubled up to $5,000 to celebrate Independent News:
checks to NH Center for Public Interest Journalism, 38 Edgewater Drive, Barrington, NH 03825
EIN Number 812266973

We are blowing our own horn for Independence Day and this awesome fundraiser all week.

By Nancy West,

Author/attorney Michael Davidow, a New Hampshire native, started writing his twice monthly column Radio Free New Hampshire in December of 2017 when he had self-published only three novels.  Last summer he wrote about baseball in one of my favorites with six novels under his belt. This summer he is on a brief hiatus from Radio Free New Hampshire as he prepares to publish his seventh novel. He writes Radio Free New Hampshire for a paltry sum, but each shines like gold because that is how New Hampshire writers do it.

 Why do we publish his column and other columns and not just stick with unbiased nonprofit news that matters to New Hampshire?

Because we support New Hampshire writers and as a nonprofit we believe it is important to provide a place to showcase their awesome talent. We publish only the very best, like Davidow, Susan Dromey Heeter’s Joyful Musings, Michael Ferber’s Speaking of Words, Beverly Stoddart’s A NH Writer’s Life, Arnie Alpert’s Active with the Activists, George Liset’s Writing on the Fly and others. Have a look on for the full list of columnists.

And of course, most people couldn’t get through their week without Garry Rayno’s Distant Dome.

And people like my sister Monica West who writes a book review for us from time to time.

We have some who have written for us and moved on and some like Bob Charest who writes Why You Should Care NH occasionally when he is not busy as the chairman of our board of directors. Trust me, with a nonprofit news outlet growing as fast as we are – 2 million page views last year – that’s a big job.

Each writer offers a unique perspective on New Hampshire and often forces us to look inward at ourselves. Some make me laugh, others make me cry and I am a veteran editor with a pretty thick skin. I couldn’t be more proud to have attracted these amazing writers to

Our first columnist when we were just starting out nine years – you likely have heard of him – was John Harrigan who wrote for free The View from Above the Notches. Harrigan gained fame before he found us, but he loved writing for this online nonprofit news outlet as he saw us and himself as the future of news. Harrigan was a true supporter of’s often serving up some advice for me from a seasoned newspaperman and writer that I always appreciated. He called his columns rants and I loved editing every one of them, as I did when I was a copy editor at the NH Union Leader years ago and he was still writing a column there. We keep all of his work in our archives.

I know many of you come to for our great news reporting. Keep coming but take a minute to sample the talented writers who show up for you and me and bare their hearts and souls.

This week, I plan to share the story of with you all as we host our Independent News fundraiser for July’s Independence Day, a necessary part of what we must do to keep growing. But this one is special because Don Burns is honoring his wife Katy Burns, a well-known Concord Monitor columnist who died last November, by matching all of your donations starting today up to $5,000.

Thank you, Don for helping us all honor Katy and all of the great writers in New Hampshire. Thank you, too, for all of you who have already started donating and come to for many reasons. We like to think it is because we tell the truth. Otherwise why would almost 10,000 of you sign up for our free newsletter.  Every day this week I plan to share how we started with a zero balance and boot-strapped our way into your hearts and minds. Please ask me anything you’d like to know. email

Thank you, Nancy West

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