InDepthNH Launches ‘Celebrating Pets’ Section to Honor Fido, Fluffy and Your Pet

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Amber patrolling her yard in New Boston


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For more information, contact Nancy West, (603) 738-5635 or is introducing a new page in celebration of pets. Get ready to share the love stories of your pets: dogs, cats, horses, iguanas, and more. All pets are welcome to be celebrated.

A portion of the proceeds will be given to New Hampshire animal rescue organizations that do the good work of helping animals in our state, while the folks at do the work of a nonprofit news organization to keep you informed.

Nancy West, Executive Director of, said the new service is designed to allow pet owners free range to honor their loved companions. “We are keeping these listings open to the person’s imagination. People may write about a new pet, a much-loved pet member of the family, or remember a pet that has departed.”

West said the idea is to honor the member of the family that usually gets no public recognition and help our nonprofit news outlet grow. “They’ve made us better people. They have loved us no matter what. They await our return home every day and make entering our own door extra special. It’s no wonder people love their pets.”

Honoring your pet is meant to be written from the heart. Perhaps you’d like to remember that day when a puppy or kitten first entered your life. And how they’ve grown into your most loyal companion. What does your pet love to do? How does he or she make you a better person? Do you have a favorite moment? How about a special activity?

Celebrating Pets is part of our mission to build a sustainable business foundation with ways to raise money that are in the public good. It is part of our NH Sustainable News Summit Project that was launched last year with a $25,000 grant from the Geoffrey Clark and Martha Fuller Clark Fund through the NH Charitable Foundation, which also donated $10,000 recently to help match local donations through NewsMatch. So your donations now through Dec. 31 will be doubled.

We have also launched an affordable obituary page so there will be one statewide news outlet to host all obituaries without a paywall.

There are many ways to write a celebration of your pet, possibly as many ways as that special friend loves you and your family. Your tribute can be a eulogy, a remembrance, a snapshot of a special moment in time.

 “Celebrating Pets” allows people to honor their pets by placing a special notice on the website, whether that’s recognizing your pet’s accomplishments, special qualities, or perhaps users might want to pen a tribute to a departed pet. It’s their choice.

Entries for “Celebrating Pets” may be as long or as short as you’d like up to 1,000 words. You might have a story to tell about what makes them special. Or perhaps a poem or a drawing … It’s your choice. will publish a photograph and text for a donation of $39.99. A portion of that fee goes to a nonprofit N.H. humane organization. Check out the website for more information.

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