Sununu Signs 39 Bills Into Law, Including Dental for Medicaid Recipients

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Gov. Chris Sununu signs SB 422 providing dental benefits for Medicaid recipients Friday while a bipartisan group of lawmakers and supporters look on.

By Staff Report

CONCORD – SB 422 and HB 103 were signed into law Friday along with 37 other bills. Both pieces of legislation, prime sponsored by Senate and House Democrats, will deliver dental benefits to New Hampshire’s Medicaid recipients.  

Prime sponsor of SB 422, Sen. Cindy Rosenwald, D-Nashua, said “Finally, after years of negotiations, advocacy, and determination by advocates and legislators alike, New Hampshire will be providing dental benefits to over 120,000 Granite State Medicaid recipients. I am grateful to my colleagues for their bipartisan support of this critical legislation and am honored to have been the prime sponsor of one of the bills signed into law today.”

Gov. Chris Sununu said on SB 422: “Expanding coverage to include dental benefits for those on Medicaid is something I have long supported, but challenged the legislature to do so in a way where the costs are sustainable and transparent,” said Sununu. “I’m grateful for their work this session achieving those goals and am proud to sign this legislation into law today.”

Sununu Statement on HB 1439, an act relative to health care facility visitation policies:

  • “The pandemic highlighted the need to definitively put in statute that patients in residential care or a healthcare facility must be allowed a family member or caregiver to visit while they are receiving services.  This is not only critical to ensuring support for a patient’s health and wellbeing, but that of the family as well.” 

Sununu Statement on SB 238, an act relative to special education services in chartered public schools: 

  • “This bill ensures that our students who receive special education services continue to receive comprehensive wrap-around services regardless of which public school the family chooses for their child — a win for families and students.”

Sununu Statement on SB 381, an act establishing an office of the advocate for special education: 

  • “New Hampshire is committed to providing students and families with the tools necessary to establish an educational path that works best for them,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “Providing an advocate for those who need special education services is important to help meet that goal and I cannot thank the advocates enough for their tireless work in getting this bill across the finish line!”

Sununu Statement on SB 385, an act relative to financial exploitation of vulnerable adults:

  • “This bill sends a clear message that New Hampshire stands with our vulnerable adult population and that we will be proactive in identifying and helping protect them from financial exploitation.” 

Note: Please see below for a full list of the bills signed into law by Gov. Sununu today:

  • HB 103, establishing a dental benefit under the state Medicaid program.
  • HB 169, An act establishing a commission to study the removal of unused utility poles following the transition of equipment, lines, and cables to new utility poles.
  • HB 230, An act relative to child day care monitoring visits and the appeals process for child day care providers.
  • HB 355, An act relative to Keno 
  • HB 591, An act relative to certain liquor license fee
  • HB 1011, An act relative to the penalty criminal mischief
  • HB 1021, An act prohibiting certain zoning regulation of land or structures used primarily for religious purposes.
  • HB 1066, An act requiring the commissioner of the department of environmental services to prepare a plan relative to cyanobacterial blooms in New Hampshire.
  • HB 1106, An act establishing a commission to study recruiting members of the armed forces and the commission on demographic trends.
  • HB 1109, An act relative to the authority of a city or town to limit the use or operation of an OHRV on certain ways.
  • HB 1130, An act relative to restroom access for persons with certain medical conditions and relative to the procedure for obtaining a marriage license.
  • HB 1134, An act establishing a commission to study proper labeling and disposal of disposable wipes.
  • HB 1135, An act  requiring a performance audit of the department of education, education freedom account program.
  • HB 1139, An act relative to ophthalmic prescription requirements
  • HB 1174, An act relative to election challengers
  • HB 1185, An act relative to treatment of water contaminated with perfluorinated chemicals.
  • HB 1186, An act relative to relative to companion animals during a declared state of emergency.
  • HB 1188, An act establishing a commission to study OHRV use in the state and clarifying certain towing statutes.
  • HB 1293, An act relative to the design of sewage or waste disposal systems for a person’s own domicile, and relative to water well and sewage or waste disposal systems.
  • HB 1299, An act relative to the process for the importation of wildlife and creating an appeal process for denials of permits.
  • HB 1397, An act  relative to the length of terms for Rockingham county officers and relative to the Gunstock area commission.
  • HB 1439, An act relative to health care facility visitation policies 
  • HB 1455, An act relative to state enforcement of federal vaccination mandates.
  • HB 1466, An act relative to the off-label use of prescription drugs and relative to pharmacy prescriptions.
  • HB 1487, An act relative to the procedure for withdrawal from the vaccine registry HB 1503, adopting the Uniform Commercial Code relative to controllable electronic records, relative to exempting the developer, seller, or facilitator of the exchange of an open blockchain token from certain securities laws and establishing state procurement policies intended to promote the use of American materials.HB 1599, An act relative to customer generators who sell renewable energy certificates.
  • HB 1627, An act establishing an education freedom account program administrator in the department of education and making an appropriation therefor.
  • HB 1653, An act relative to educational and employment opportunities and protections for military families and their dependents and relative to temporary licenses for emergency and advanced emergency care providers.
  • HB 1681, An act relative to the state building code and the state fire code.
  • HB 1682, An act establishing the law enforcement conduct review committee in the New Hampshire police standards and training council and making an appropriation therefor.
  • SB 238, An act relative to special education services in chartered public schools. 
  • SB 313, An act  relative to the authority of the office of professional licensure and certification to establish fees.
  • SB 353, An act relative to the education professional standards board.
  • SB 366, An act requiring an audit of ballots cast in the 2022 primary and general election.
  • SB 381, An act establishing an office of the advocate for special education.
  • SB 420, An act establishing an extraordinary need grant for schools. 
  • SB 385, An act relative to financial exploitation of vulnerable adults 
  • SB 422. An act establishing an adult dental benefit under the state Medicaid program. 

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