NH Snap: Great Pics From You and Keep Them Coming

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By Bob Lapree, InDepthNH.org Photo Editor

Thanks everyone for the great photos you are sending in. Great work Glenn Coppelman, Bill Cote, Steve Neal, and Patricia Kraft. Keep them coming.

If you would like to share a particularly good photo of New Hampshire’s natural beauty, its remarkable people and cultural events, please send them to indepthnhphotos@gmail.com so we can consider them for posting on InDepthNH.org at NH Snap.

 Some Guidelines 

Bob LaPree

Send the photo as a jpeg file at 200 dpi in either a horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) orientation.

Include some basic information for a caption as well as how you would like the photo credited and your contact number.

If you have a time sensitive photo, say of an event, send it directly to Nancy West at nancywestnews@gmail.com

A Few Caveats:

Understand that when a photo is posted online it is available for anyone to copy and distribute further, either as a link to the website or the photo itself. Essentially you place it into the public domain for others to use. Our usage will be strictly for non-commercial editorial use, others can use the image any way they may want. Consider privacy issues, especially when depicting people.

The use and possible reuse will be without compensation.

Thanks, we look forward to seeing your images.

 Bob LaPree, InDepthNH Photo Desk.

Glenn Coppelman photo

Kingston Town Hall Saturday night after the storm.

Glenn Coppelman photo

The male cardinal is feeding the female.

Steve Neal photo

A pine marten at the summit area of Owl’s Head Mt.

Bill Cote photo

Sunrise through the sculpture at Great Island Common in New Castle, NH. Whaleback Lighthouse can be seen through the frame.

Patricia Kraft photo

From right to left, The Christian Science Church, the State House Dome, and over on the left is the Legislative Office Building.

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